"I just came here for fun and didn't know they were going to spill out all the beans of my life! it was my best 20 minutes spent. "

- Raj



"I have visited Lisa on numerous occasions and every time she has provided me with accurate and honest readings. Everyone of her statements about my life and the life of my family has been a true reflection of past, present and future situations. She has wonderful, natural abilities! "

- Sally



"I have recently started The Tarot Reading for Beginners course. I am totally transfixed already and am really enjoying being with a great group of like minded souls. Jackie & Lisa are brilliant teachers. They are happy to explain things over & over again & have really made it captivating. I will be continuing with my Tarot reading journey. I can't wait to see what the future holds!"

- Ruth Palmer Cooper  (Beginners group student)



"An excellent course, Thank you very much!" 

- Jenny



"To be honest I have always been intrigued by tarot but never felt brave enough to have a reading myself. I decided to join the class to find out more. I absolutely love it! it is so interesting, I have learnt so much and it’s definitely broadened my horizons. I am in a class of 6 students who started the beginners class together and have now moved onto the next level together which is a credit to the welcoming, inclusive and unique approach of Jackie and Lisa. I would have no hesitation in recommending this class to anyone whether you know nothing like me or you are expanding you knowledge and understanding like some of my fellow students, you wont be held back nor will you find it difficult to keep up. A big THANK YOU to Jackie, Lisa and my fellow students."

- Donna


"I really enjoyed the beginners class so much that I didn’t hesitate to move on to intermediate. Jackie’s tarot system is like no other & I have learnt so much. Jackie & Lisa are so supportive and caring, our group of 6 is the best & I look forward to finding out more every Thursday. It’s great being part of this special group of people. I’m hooked. Thank you!" 

- Jo 🙏



"A great starting point for anyone who is interested in tarot. I highly recommend this course as it is a unique system, uncomplicated learning explanations and leaves you feeling confident in your own abilities" highly recommended for beginners, A great place to meet like minded people."

- Corinne Chand


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Tracy and Paul
2 months ago

Myself and Paul have had a long interest in Tarot and were searching for a long time to find a teacher.
We were delighted to find Jackie and Lisa and particularly to learn Jackie's unique system.
Jackie's Tarot method is unique and accurate, its street Tarot and I would re commend this course to anyone who is looking to increase their psychic knowledge of Tarot.

Tracy and Paul